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Silent further. Then he came to me with sex all OK. But after it was not a typical hug, and other things, lay like a statue. Got up, walked her to the door. While there was suggested two days come to me to get something to eat and then a walk at night, agreed. The next day in the evening the text message asked how my overcurrent and see how much tomorrow. The next day was found, behaved like silk night, I even asked in all seriousness "but today I am as well act?". Then everything was good, met sessilis, walked, behaved perfectly, I don't Gestel, b - B, D from it did not exist, care and respect as those 5 months in the beginning. One time I took her out of the house, came out with wilted flowers (not mine), threw them out. I asked from whom the actual flowers (I know, slack). Laughed and said that actually, it's her mother from her father's flowers were, surprised at my act of jealousy. Said that jealousy jealousy, and a decent erectile dysfunction will not accept such attentions from left-wing types, while having a boyfriend and it is disrespectful to him. Then we expect some cooling from it, but no, even suddenly perked up and was somehow warmer. Walked, came to me, poecilus, proposed the next day to visit me in the evening to cook and then at night take a stroll, wanted to stay with me. viagra pills I was not busy, agreed.

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The next day was OK again, no D, night, walked, slept with me and she left. Three days ago was found, went to the cinema, it came to me, there was no sex (period), when already accompanied given "we need to take more walks, and that we have a lot of you just hanging out and all." Well, OK, they say, will walk up next time) the next day he proposed to ride bikes around the city and outside the city, agreed. And yesterday, took the bike, went to see her, was nice to meet you, C++ and all that, while walking was difficult to talk to, moved some things, then returned to the city, hang out there. I occasionally felt tense pause, when nothing stupid to say. By her reaction it was clear that her service is not good, were happy. Lie on the grass yeah come to me. Showered, then she went. Decided to eat, she came out, wiped off. Her phrase - "Give me something to help. Want to be useful :)" In bed was trudnowski, dry (once the third is over six months), but the orgasm was. It sounded surprised, and said "don't know". Lay (again some sort of tense silence), I have at this point, the phone exploded with messages (cases), to cut down the sound.

I: Okay, so I went(hugged her and kissed her forehead, I always kiss her on the forehead goodbye).
Since the dialogue was not more contact with her, and it took only a little more than a day. I sit viagra discount now and don't know what to do to make somehow B or something. Or send to TI. Sooo weird and I broke up.
PS Eggs are not clamps, fully relaxed, work engaged with their work.
Guys, give me advice how best to proceed in this situation. The goal is to return to the ED pills. Thanks in advance!
Dated a girl for 2 years, quarrels were frequently recognized guilty, when to and when not.
Broke up in June, I Packed my things and left the house. Got to take responsibility for everything. Moreover, nothing was going well.
After just a week was found, again emotions and so on. Decided to play a wedding (on her initiative). August 1 was the wedding.
A month after that I come home from work, at home zagotovlen, wife meets.
But then I slipped up again the other for a trifle, it was late, something else-and all hell broke loose.+ Had some problems at work which are taken out of equilibrium. long enough are on the forum, read a lot of literature, made many important insights thanks to podcherpnut of information, but unfortunately viagra this issue cannot solve it.

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CBD - 26 years, good salary, high position, was in ED pills—Ö to me 6 years, including 1 year living together. 7-8 looks, 9 in intelligence and erudition(for this and fell in love)

The situation is simple. Judging by the description in other topics, I just throw. Just under a year know. All was well. And then abruptly stopped to answer and call back. The only time that her neighbor said about damage to the phone (ie can read, but to react somehow not). Very similar to the truth, since then, when I decided to say something, then got a call from a different number. Room her, too, on an old cell phone. In short, at one point directly asked if we're broken up. And two more days of silence. Until I spat and went to her. Then they called me, they say, card number tell me, we'll settle up and all.
In General, the question is. I lived constantly. It was often, then less often. So initially happened. Although in the beginning of the relationship every week for a few days. That is, some things remained. I, of course, wonder why we're breaking up. But does not want to answer. Now what to do next? Learn anyway you want, but it is clear that we must ignore. On the other hand, the presence of my stuff gives her to understand that I have the need to contact her. How to get this? I think, just to write, you still ignore. Or to meet her when I go home from work. To try to figure out why. If silence, then say, let's go grab my stuff. To my ignore started faster, and not wait until she deigns to let me in for things. What would you recommend?

Or, as an option is very unlikely, it does not care, and understand that. Since she was a little weird (incomplete families with special tenderness in the childhood was, etc.), some unplanned cockroach in her head abruptly moved. Then you have a more complete picture to tell.
I am 24 years, good salary, high position. Heavily are bleeding themselves - from sports to self-education.
Meet year, the situation is complicated by the fact that we are colleagues and so expands career that in January I will be her direct supervisor. ED pills do not advertise.