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can LVL up relations to help get rid of her emotions (hinted that if all goes well, the MB will make a proposal)
how to reduce the influence of the mother on it. She strongly depends on her and her opinions. Very suffering, not with her dreams and transport her to us, but for some reasons now it is impossible. I'm afraid that will come a little Napoleon, so long as he lives and no one realized, in life, their ambitions and desires, as everything is invested in the daughter. She feels responsible for her happiness.
have concerns for their joint career, as if something goes wrong, it will be difficult to work together, especially as a leader.
whether to limit the communication with the former PM, or give her to understand the issue. We talked a couple times with him,but only in the beginning of the relationship, threats at the time it is not seen as different levels.

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hides his depression from me. Says occurs when she is left alone with him, but I can see it in normal conversation. Tried to speak on this subject, but was asked to leave. I know the standard is т10б and all will pass or don't mess with a girl who has more problems than you, I still want to try their luck to try to find ways with you to take the man out of such a condition, as the merge is always possible. She blamed me for all old and new sins, to fly day and night spent with a friend, not prepared, not cleaned.

Said that it is necessary to live for herself, "to come to yourself and find your way." Friends said that he would come down and then divorce-family-type life is not for her, you need freedom. I've had enough, found out that he was going home to pack my things, gathered them up in advance-came took.
The divorce went to feeding every other day, but the registry office was closed, not submitted( October).
After a while, began again to speak. Sometimes spending viagra pills the night with me, but rarely. Offered her to come back and live together - but gvorit, wants to live for itself, and so on.
She rarely calls and rarely writes. When calling, there is often desire. (explains the fact that there are no forces, unstable checks, I have nothing to give and so on.) Sometimes comes everything seems OK, but then goes insane because of some little things, no attention, no so-and-so did and so on.
And I don't know what to do. Like and want to return, and like to live without scandals and tantrums not too bad.

Maybe someone that can advise what to do?
When this is not dependent on me the way of life-manipulates the fact that I'm your wife, you don't think what I live for. and so(supposedly give me money), while living together does not want. Because she wants her freedom and to find myself, but apparently my material support, but nevertheless the independence from me.
At this rate, a month passed. it is necessary to change something, what exactly I do not know.
Ask additional questions-I will answer.

p.s.I'm 23 she is 25. Live in a rental apartment. I work, average earnings. It doesn't work. viagra Depends on me(financial), 80-90 percent. To work I do not want, even now.Because I hate that does not live with me, and I give her the money, and when there is a desire. Although I do not know why. fully dressed her for the winter, but it's got a tantrum-you don't think about me .I said I needed a conditioner and something else. Then night in a row hysteria-that I use it.
Then I of course fell into a depression, told her that she's the best and so on( yeah, I'm blunted, what to do, it happens to everyone, but right now in favor and it became easier)). Some too have raised the significance. In the end, have less to communicate, began to show some hints of neglect, I put her straight of course, but I don't think that helped. In principle understand what the posts were that I all so brutal, and was powerless against it. But then I took a break, started reading the forum to educate. She saw that I feel bad because of this situation, even the night could not sleep, all thought what a fool I am that this chick missed. One day I came to work, she calls, texting, "what happened, etc.", but then I have become smarter zaignoril. Sunday night calls again, asks:
-You all right?
-What can I have wrong?

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-Just took a day off work (said, ate some antibiotics, which was bad, and that did not work)
-So you have to ask me that is, I would have told you
-Why do I ask you? I know myself that I need. If this is all for now.
-Wait, tell me how are things with you
-Excellent business as usual. I gotta go, right now, with friends meet.
-What to do?
All you need to know). Okay I gotta go.
Such dialogue about. The next day at work, ignore her (can't judge if it turns out successfully) Skype does not include, do not ask questions, not going to touch.
She offers to help with the work, I tell her I'll gladly give viagra you a job).
Well, in the end, this situation. Ready to accept the bitter truth). For myself now lowered its significance to an acceptable level. The questions are: