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Does it make sense to try something with her?
Open the hidden meaning of all these tricks. In General I realize that I hadn't done, she would my brain still floated. If directly called to get fucked, then said I can't do that, you had to cheat, and so on.
The next moment, again I have a conflict with subordinates and with my own ears hear it, not knowing what I can hear, throws mud at me and all agree with them. And parallel writes to me SMS how difficult it was for her that put pressure on her and believe that she brings me to them. So it pains me more than ever. Scandal in the team poreshali all asked for forgiveness and she including. I I forgave her. Probably shouldn't have been. I loved her very much and I could not have done differently.
Another point, she began to have problems a woman, delay. At first I thought that I knocked you up, but then two test times showed that no.

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She went to the doctors and told me that she found a cyst and inflammation of the ovaries and may have an infection of STDs. On my request along to go get tested and me to meet the doctor's flat refusal and the prosecution in disbelief. Called the hospital and learned that she got tested for STDs, I said not to give up. Lied. A month without sex. Then all by itself supposedly resolved, I went monthly. I can no longer trust. Been jealous, watching her is strained.

Then began a period when I needed her warmth, attention, affection and support. But she seemed cold. On the basis of this I began to blame and demand, she began to blame me to Express dissatisfaction with the fact that previously had no value. She was no longer interested in my mood, my thoughts. I became a TFN it, and not very worthy, tried to do a D on her doorsteps, then he did closer, because I couldn't without it. In the end she said, "don't change me, take this for what it is. You love me, and I have no such feelings for you, hence all our problems." I began to rebuke it because she doesn't care about me, to not care what I think and feel.

Said "you don't appreciate me, no respect, hurt," Said "where did that good girl, I fell in love with, what happened to what was in the beginning??". She did not try to make excuses and to find a solution were either ignored me or blamed. I thought she had Bob. On the basis of this wrote to her ex and found out she dumped him and went to another, then wrote another, and there's a similar situation, she said that she 11! And to me it is the beginning of our relationship said that she had lost interest in young people. I feared it the most.
Then there was another conflict, and she carelessly said that she had lost interest in me. I decided that we must act now. Said, "was not interesting – find yourself another, I have had enough of your attitude to me," the night she came, didn't call three SMS-Ki about anything and everything. Silence. I stayed a week, then she was posting new photos in the SS and I could not resist, became so much attached to her, made the first call.

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He begged forgiveness, promised that will change, bought a bouquet, in General, a complete set of humiliations. She said you dumped me, I was waiting for your call, but you were silent. I don't want to start again. I was so shitty at the moment and will not forgive myself, I cried in front of her and asked for forgiveness. She said to take a pause and look while it's hard for me to forgive you. Choose either finish forever now, or wait a month and maybe ... I chose to wait.

A week later I saw her sit down in an expensive car to a person who is older than her 15 years. I misled, I was in shock. Wrote to her, he is better than you can, she said, he is a worthy man, we just talk. They communicate for a month. She keeps me working. He brings and takes away. I understand, knowing her, that everything grown-up. It's killing me!Feel betrayed. As if ripped from me, taken away. Sucks I really. TI can't because I see her every day. What to do, who is right and who is wrong??

Thank you in advance

This swamp. erectile dysfunction which does not want a relationship will not going to build them.
Remember one thing, her mother always at her side. Will tell you exactly what you need.
There's nothing I can recommend in addition to personal growth, because all other options are meaningless. Tiny, with small paddocks. Tried to pull the BRS as a blanket, the blanket was torn. She made such an option, you don't. In the end, she wins. Did not see you to good prospects - merged. And besides, you were invested in these ED pills are more common bile duct and demanded, demanded and demanded again. Shows you how weak.
Why do you want her to return?